Stand beside me, Athena, fire me with daring, fierce as the day we ripped Troy's glittering crown of towers down. - Homer

World-class fighters combined with a world-class VIP experience

Pallas Athena Women’s Fighting Championship (PAWFC) is the first professional all-women Mixed Martial Arts corporation in Western Canada and is set to become the #1 all-women MMA league in North America.

We offer a competitive sporting event that showcases the best professional MMA fighters from across Western Canada and the world.


Fit For The Gods

PAWFC considers that fighter compensation is key and with the risk come the rewards.  As we hear the struggles of so many fighters looking for their first shot, we are working on sponsorship deals to help fighters just starting in the industry to reduce the burden of training and expense. 

We want the athletes to be fairly compensated inside and outside of the ring. This means above-average pay, attendance bonuses, and ownership of content. Along with compensation is the freedom from sponsors and branding. We believe that this produces a better and healthier fighter.

About the Founder

Clayton BelitskiPresident

Clay started cage fighting in his mid 20’s until his last event at the age of 31. At that time for a Canadian fighter, there was very little opportunity to showcase one’s skills. It was only until George St Pierre’s victories that the deserving and overdue spotlight was put on Canadian fighters. 

During the time Clay was fighting, he had to provide for his family while training. He fought for free because it was his passion as there was not a stage for Canadian MMA fighters during that time. It came to the point that he had to decide between taking care of his family and not risk being injured or continue taking on the risk for his passion. 

This is what lead Clay to see the need to have an industry that supports fighters to be true athletes who can advance and evolve without daily struggles holding them back on their ability to flourish. Clay’s mission is to be that for the fight industry - to have fighters sponsored and eliminate the need to work and to solely focus on advancing their skills.