3 Essential Pieces Of MMA Fighting Gear For Women

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Canadian women’s MMA is a rapidly evolving sport. Moreover, its rise in popularity in recent years has resulted in a surge of many female competitors and hobbyists alike. But whether you’re new to women’s mixed martial arts or you’re a seasoned athlete, it’s important to equip yourself with the proper sparring gear, so you can make the most out of your training.

The right gear can protect your body, make sparring easier, and make you less susceptible to injuries. For these reasons, MMA training gear is non-negotiable if you decide to take up this sport. Keep reading to learn more about the 3 most essential pieces of MMA fighting gear for women.


Your body is resilient. It is a self-healing mechanism that is capable of its own restoration given enough time and rest (and provided the injury in question isn’t serious enough to require medical intervention). However, one part of your body that cannot self-heal is your teeth. As a result, it’s in your best interest to protect them as best as you can during training and sparring sessions.

That’s what mouthguards are for. They serve to protect your teeth by absorbing the blow which safeguards them from severe impact. Typically, most hobbyists opt for boil-and-bite mouthguards. And while still useful, they aren’t as effective as custom-fit mouthguards, which are – for obvious reasons – a little more expensive.


Probably the most essential item on the list, MMA gloves are crucial. These gloves protect your hands from the damaging effects of intense combat during your rounds and training sessions. Additionally, they also prevent injuries and can alleviate the pain that comes from striking. Not to be confused with boxing gloves, MMA gloves utilize a lighter glove composition that safeguards your hands when striking but doesn’t compromise your ability to grapple.

Produced with a fingerless, open palm design, MMA gloves protect the right parts of your hands, yet still, maintain the lightweight composition necessary for sparring.


If you’re just starting out, you won’t have to worry about knees or elbows flying in your direction while sparring. Typically, these attacks are reserved for more seasoned women athletes. The hard-hitting impact of a knee or an elbow to the body is not conducive to a positive experience for beginners. As such, this is something you won’t have to concern yourself with.

However, for those who are gluttons for punishment, a little more experienced, or who just feel better about the additive safety precaution, knee and elbow pads can go a long way. Produced with a similar composition, knee and elbow pads are padded materials that cover the joints to minimize the force of an attack.


MMA is a sport that can add tremendous value to your life. It can get you into shape, teach you to defend yourself, help you meet new people, etc, and all of this within the context of a safe and friendly environment. But in order to take advantage of these benefits. You first need to prepare yourself.

And by ensuring you have the proper sparring gear, you are taking that all-important first step in preparation.