Become a PAWFC Sponsor: 3 Reasons to Support Women’s MMA

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Whether it’s hockey, basketball, or women’s mixed martial arts; few things can compare to the unbridled passion and intensity associated with sports. And this fact is well known (and taken advantage of) by sponsors. However, out of the staggering $57 billion that was allocated to sports sponsorships in 2020, only $1 billion of it was assigned to women’s sports.

And the reason is not what you think…

It isn’t because of an insufficient amount of value or a lack of opportunity – far from it. The real problem is an absence of brands willing to leave the crosswords and support Canadian women’s MMA.

But things are improving – rapidly. And more and more brands are stepping up to snatch the opportunities that are available to them via women’s mixed martial arts.

As such, if you’d like to become a PAWFC sponsor and are interested in learning more, then keep reading to learn 3 reasons you should support PAWFC in Calgary.


Women’s MMA has taken on a life of its own. And more than that, it seems to be growing and expanding even faster as time goes by. To give you an idea of the popularity and overwhelming presence of women’s MMA; let’s compare it to another well-known sport.

Women’s basketball…

Did you know that pro-women basketball players are bringing in around $120k/year, while their male counterparts rake in anywhere between $7.3 million to $39 million or more in the same time frame?

This is not meant as an insult – after all, $120k/year is an impressive salary for almost anyone – but rather, it’s a simple supply and demand statistic used to prove a point. People would rather see the NBA than the WNBA. Women’s basketball just doesn’t attract the kind of attention needed for it to grow.

However, this is not the case with women’s MMA. The women in this sport have become spectacles, drawing substantial and wide-reaching crowds from all walks of life and from all over the world (and making a bunch of money in the process).


Many male athletes require an ungodly amount of money for sponsorship privileges. This entails that you would have to be a large organization with endless profits to even have a sliver of a chance to sponsor these kinds of fighters.
Such demand can easily (and horribly) engorge the price of sponsorship deals far beyond their actual worth.

However, with women’s MMA, it’s a different story. Going this route gives way to a much more equal opportunity for everyone involved. As a result, these lower-level entry points are ideal for smaller, more obscure brands as they present the perfect opportunity for authentic and enduring partnerships to form.

And this is a great position to be in – even if the current rates are not what you hoped them to be – because the value naturally increases over time.


An absence of private enterprise and media attention has resulted in women’s MMA having to look for more innovative outlets to attract sponsored partnerships. Typically, there’s more preparedness and less bureaucratic paperwork to step beyond the confines of the status quo.

And many times, the sport hasn’t been adulterated with any middlemen. As a result, sponsors can mold their incentives with holders in the initial phases of the bargaining process.

Additionally, the athletes of women’s MMA want the sport to expand and grow. And they are willing to put in the time and effort it takes to exceed the requirements to make it happen. Whether it’s with interviews with the media or sponsored content, these female athletes are willing to go above and beyond.

Moreover, there are many dissatisfied and resentful male MMA fighters who begrudgingly do faint-hearted interviews, while on the other end of the spectrum, their female equivalents remain excited and enthusiastic to do media interviews – even after training till the dead of night!


As women’s MMA continues to rise in prominence, so do the opportunities associated with the sport. As such, becoming a PAWFC sponsor presents a whole host of benefits and advantages that you may not even be aware of until you make the decision.

If you’d like to learn about sponsorship opportunities or have any questions, get in contact with us today for additional information.