Cast Your Vote For Our Next Ring Card Girl!

Pawfc ring card girl

PAWFC is hosting our very first all-women fight event on January 15th, 2022 in Calgary, Alberta! The Ring Card Girl contest is underway and the voting poll is on. We are looking for our next Ring Card Model to fire up the stage and be a part of a team of strong, resilient women.

A PAWFC Ring Card Model is comfortable in her own skin, empowers and supports other women, and is self-assured.


What makes PAWFC’s Ring Card Model approach different is that we are an athlete’s-owned company. Our goal is to offer opportunities for athletes not just in the world of women’s MMA, but for athletes from all arenas to enter our Model contest.

Whether you’re an athlete on the fitness competition stage or a soccer player, you can be the next PAWFC Model as an athlete supporting and representing other women athletes. This allows you to broaden your network outside of your sport, which can prove to be beneficial in your athletic career.


The Ring Card Girl tradition originated in the “Boxing Capital of the World” – Las Vegas, Nevada. Boxing promotor Bill Miller wanted to deviate from the brutality of boxing events and add entertainment value. He introduced the first Ring Card Girls in weekly Las Vegas fight cards, which was featured in The Ring Magazine in the May 1965 issue complete with pictures.

The idea of having women present ring cards between rounds took off and soon, it became a tradition across the country. Today, some of the most famous Ring Card Girls have made a name for themselves and enjoy continued success outside of the ring, including Chrissy Blair, Arianny Celeste, and Brittney Palmer – just to name a few.


As an all-women fight league, we are proud to continue the tradition of having a Ring Card Model in all of our events. A PAWFC Ring Card Model embodies the strength of the female athlete and plays a crucial role in the event, supporting the fighter about to enter the cage.

Check back to see who is named PAWFC’s next ring card girl and for a ticket release date to our January 15th fight event. It’s going to be an incredible night – PAWFC is changing the game and making history by putting women at the forefront of MMA. We look forward to seeing you there!