Meet Our Fighters: Anastasia Nikolakakos

Anastasia nikolakakos mma fighter

Anastasia Nikolakakos (aka Timani Animale) is a Gracie Humata Bolton fighter. A staple in Canadian women’s MMA, she grew up surrounded by fighting. At age five, Anastasia was introduced to martial arts by her father, Jimmy Nikolakakos. While observing her father, who owned two karate academies, Anastasia developed a passion for training. As a result, she grew up in dojos, eventually becoming a dedicated, lifelong martial artist.


Aside from the support of PAWFC Calgary, Anastasia still trains with her team at Gracie Humata Bolton. This gym is where she calls home; it is the location that has garnered her loyalty and dedication. Her professors (Jason and Davey) have taken her under their wings to further develop her talents as a fighter.


Anastasia is the 2016 Canadian Amateur MMA Champion. Moreover, she is ranked 4th among 34 active Canadian women, pound for pound. These achievements are the result of a drive for constant improvement. With such high standards, Anastasia continually pushes herself in and out of the cage. She possesses the athlete mentality, always striving to outdo herself.

Therefore, her training programs reflect that. And as a result, they are directed at her becoming stronger, quicker, more precise and technical, and more well-rounded as an MMA fighter. And this hunger has translated well into her MMA career.


With an amateur record of 8-0 and a professional record of 4-0; Anastasia is a decorated fighter. As such, she aims to leave a legacy for her sports contributions. And what’s more, she wants to be remembered for her persistence, personality, and unrelenting work ethic. But even with all these accolades, you may be surprised to hear where Anastasia’s heart is taking her now…


Despite her success as a fighter, Anastasia does not like engaging physically. In fact, one of her biggest passions is teaching and instructing others. While MMA and fighting is her passion, Anastasia prefers to use her knowledge and expertise to help other athletes improve. For this reason, coaching remains a big part of her life and development as a devoted martial artist.