7 Essential Benefits Of Women’s MMA

Women mma fighters

Martial arts training holds many benefits for women. Women’s MMA can be very rewarding whether you’re a dedicated athlete or haven’t been inside a gym since high school. However, you may be unsure how this sport can improve your life.

After all, even though fighting isn’t quite seen as a popular tool for self-improvement, that’s precisely what it can be! In this article, we’ll prove it by looking at 7 essential benefits you’ll experience from training as a female MMA fighter.


The first and most apparent benefit is self-defence. When women train in MMA, they will learn effective, practical attacks and techniques to defend themselves in real-life situations. Mixed martial arts gives you self-defence skills to be self-reliant in a world where help may not always be available when you need it.


Women’s MMA can be challenging; the training is strenuous, techniques are complex, and it can sometimes feel like you’re not making much progress.

However, if you keep at it, you will improve. You’ll slowly start piecing the moves and techniques together as you train. And soon, you’ll become faster, stronger, and more proficient in your execution. Consequently, you’ll start feeling greater self-esteem for pushing through those difficult training sessions. And over time, this leads to more self-respect and self-confidence!


The more you train, the stronger you become – physically and mentally. As you routinely drill and spar, your body tones up, and your muscles become more defined. Your inner Goddess truly comes to the surface! In addition, your mental fortitude strengthens, especially if you regularly spar. It takes mental toughness to go head-to-head with another woman in combat, particularly if she has a size advantage. But as you train in MMA, you develop the physical and mental capacity to handle these stresses and difficulties.


You may believe your size and strength limit you against an opponent. And while these variables do play a role, they are not the deciding factors in a fight. Instead, realize that technique is far more important than anything else, especially as a female in MMA fighting!

So learn how to execute your techniques properly. When you do, you will surprise yourself with what you’re truly capable of. With enough time and practice, you can subdue opponents with more power and size based on your superior skills.


It can be intimidating to develop new friendships the older we get.

But by joining a community of passionate women who are training in MMA, you will naturally create lasting relationships. Regular training forces you to interact with others; you get up close and personal with your training partners, and naturally, you talk, open up, and connect. This process enables you to form bonds almost by default – just by attending class regularly. So if you want new connections, a mixed martial arts gym can be a great place to start!


Your body is your shield and your sword in women’s MMA. As such, training makes you value this machine much more. The sport will encourage you to:

  • Eat better
  • Drink more water
  • Get enough sleep
  • Take vitamins
  • Engage in other exercises
  • Quit bad habits
  • Live an overall healthier life

These improvements naturally occur because you want to be at your best during training! You’ll want to live a better quality life off the mats so you can perform better on them.


Women’s MMA helps you see how far your character can go. Training constantly pushes you out of your comfort zone, making you a stronger, more capable version of yourself. Every female fighter (whether novice or seasoned) has her own path. As a woman, learning to live fearlessly means understanding your body and spirit, and training in mixed martial arts is the key to opening that door.

Unlock your Full Potential

This sport will improve you in many unsuspecting ways; there’s a reason for its popularity. Women’s MMA is a gateway to a better, stronger, and more confident version of yourself. At Pallas Athena Women’s Fighting Championship (PAWFC), we are the first professional all-women Mixed Martial Arts corporation in Western Canada.

We strive to bring women’s MMA to the forefront of North American combat sports. If you’d like to be part of this growing organization, contact us today to see if you have what it takes.